Maldon Court Preparatory School is not academically selective but our standards are extremely high.


The admissions Process

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Meeting Us and Registering

Before any child is offered a place in our school, we want to be sure that we can fulfil their needs. Parents are welcome to come along to the school to see for themselves what we have to offer. Visits can be arranged by contacting the school office.

Places at the school are limited and we recommend you register your child with us long before the proposed date of entry. A registration fee of is applicable (reduced for siblings). Having registered, the school will keep in touch with you to arrange an assessment day.

Priority for admissions to Maldon Court Preparatory School is given to children who have successfully completed our Nursery and Pre-Reception and to siblings.

Our school will not discriminate on admissions. It promotes the principle and practice of equal opportunities for all pupils regardless of religion, ethnic and social background. Pupils are valued for their own intrinsic worth and encouraged to achieve their own individual potential.

Assessed in class and socially

Pupils will come into school for the day to be with their peer group. They will be assessed in English and Mathematics, but most importantly, they will be assessed socially. Maldon Court will not admit pupils who display anti-social behaviour in class or to other pupils.

Pupils will have an informal interview with the Headteacher who will be given feedback from the class teacher, Head of English and Head of Mathematics. At the end of the day the Headteacher will meet with parents.

If the school can meet the pupil’s educational needs then a place will be offered. Parents should understand that an assessment day does not mean that a place is already secure. If the assessment has not been completed successfully, another day may be offered in exceptional circumstances.


To find out more about what Maldon Court Preparatory school can offer your child, request an information pack today.