Here at Maldon Court Preparatory School we strive to motivate and challenge our pupils in all areas of the broad based curriculum - both in the classroom and in the wider locality.

We aim to provide a wide and stimulating curriculum through which all of our pupils will become enthusiastic and independent learners, preparing them for senior schooling. Subjects are class taught to a single year group of a maximum of 20 pupils. This enables teachers to provide individual attention to pupils of all abilities. Core subjects are enriched by additional subjects such as PE, languages, art, music and drama. We also make the most of the rich learning resources that Maldon and its surrounding area has to offer. Pupils from nursery to Form 6 have specialist teaching in Music and Physical Education, and pupils in Forms 5 and 6 have specialist teaching in English and Mathematics.


Core Subjects

english and mathematics

English is a core subject that is taught by the form teacher in small classes. We aim to provide a high quality education in English to teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others.



History, Geography and Religious Studies

At Maldon Court we aim to make history interesting, exciting and, most importantly, relevant. We bring real world issues into the classroom and helps pupils to understand what is happening in their local environment and beyond. 


Modern foreign Languages

French and Spanish

At Maldon Court we aim to foster enjoyment of and confidence in the use of French and Spanish, as well as an understanding of the basic grammar and language configuration.


Science and Technology

Science, Computer Studies and Design Technology

The school follows a scheme of work for science that is packed full of hands-on experiments, creative investigations and new approaches to traditional topics.


The Arts

Art, Music and Drama

At Maldon Court we think that art is an essential component of a well-rounded education and we aim to nurture and enhance all artistic ability.


Physical education

Maldon Court provides an opportunity for pupils to enjoy a variety of sporting activities, which form an integral part of school life.



At Maldon Court, we aim to help our pupils develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to keep them healthy and safe – and to deal with the challenges they will face in everyday life.



We provide children with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to achieve their best in all aspects of school life. Pastoral care is of prime importance. We believe in promoting all pupils’ strengths in order to build their self-esteem and confidence. Differing abilities are recognised, encouraged and celebrated. All of our pupils are nurtured, supported and encouraged to take on challenges and embrace the many and varied opportunities on offer in this small and friendly school.

Our pupils have the chance to take part in sports, music, art and drama - all of which encourage team work, respect for themselves and others, personal responsibility and concern for the environment and the wider community. We also offer a wide range of clubs, extra-curricular activities and educational visits, which further enhance the learning experience.

“If a child doesn’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”


You can find out more about the curriculum in the School’s Curriculum Guide, which is readily available on request.

We are confident that pupils leave Maldon Court Preparatory School as happy, well rounded and resilient individuals who are ready to take on new challenges as they move on to the next stage of their learning pathway.

We love our school and happily so do our pupils. Please come and visit us, meet our children and staff, and see for yourself what makes Maldon Court such a special place.


To find out more about what Maldon Court Preparatory school can offer your child, request an information pack today.