Maldon Court Preparatory School was established in 1956, and its vision has remained unchanged in the last 60 years.


Several decades of great schooling in Essex

Maldon Court Preparatory School can trace its origins back to 1956 and the founding of the school by Miss Carter and Mrs Robinson. The main buildings, which form Maldon Court School on Silver Street, can be traced back to the 1700s when the building was known as Cromwell Hall and operated as a community assembly hall. The school has remained at the same Silver Street location since it was founded.

In Maldon Court Preparatory School’s first year, our two founders and two additional teachers taught a total of eighteen pupils. Three years later, in 1959, the teaching staff had increased to seven whilst 96 pupils were on the roll.

The very first teachers and pupils at the school back in 1956

The very first teachers and pupils at the school back in 1956

In 1972, there was a change of ownership with Ann and Tony Sutton taking their first venture into education. Tony, an ICI sales manager and Ann, a state registered nurse, made up for their lack of experience in teaching with a wealth of enthusiasm and principles of hard work, courtesy and determination. Under Tony and Ann’s guidance the school continued to thrive, and the school increased in size to 11 members of staff and 120 pupils. The headship was passed to Mr Alan Webb following Ann’s illness in 1997. Tony and Ann remained the owners of the school and were actively involved in all aspects of its continued success. Sadly, Ann passed away in 1998.

In 2002 Loraine Guest, a former PE teacher at Maldon Court and subsequently an experienced senior teacher from the state sector, was appointed as Headteacher by Tony Sutton. With 96 pupils on the role, the school steadily increased its numbers to 111 with Loraine Guest continuing the vision of a family-based school with the highest standards of behaviour and attainment. In February 2004 the school was rocked by the sudden death of Tony Sutton.

Loraine and Steve Guest took the decision to continue the school’s fine traditions and history, and they purchased the school from Tony’s estate with the approval of Ann and Tony’s family. They have continued to build on the strong foundations laid down all those years ago; Maldon Court remains a happy vibrant and enthusiastic school community.

Loraine handed the headship of the school over to her daughter Elaine Mason, an experienced Deputy Head, in 2013 after 12 years as Headteacher. Loraine remains the Principal of the school and is still actively involved in the school’s activities. Elaine Mason has continued her mother’s commitment to the pupils of Maldon Court and the school retains its high standards and expectations built upon the foundation of providing an education in a loving and nurturing environment. The school’s family ethos shines through with some families having attended our school for three generations.

The school is quite unique in that in over 60 years of education it has had just five Headteachers and three owners. It remains one of the few proprietorial schools in the country, proudly remembering its founding members and remaining true to the vision and ethos that has endured since 1956.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary with theatrical and musical offerings from pupils throughout the year groups

Celebrating its 60th anniversary with theatrical and musical offerings from pupils throughout the year groups

“Although we are sad to be leaving, we have all made friends who we will have forever and we know that Maldon Court will remain a part of who the girls are.”
— Parental quote

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