Reception (ages 4-5, EYFS)

At this stage the children cheerfully begin to take on responsibilities. They are encouraged to develop their listening and speaking skills, to use technology and to look at life beyond the school gates. While close attention is paid to literacy and numeracy, great emphasis is also placed on personal, social and emotional development.

With these strong foundations, they move on to the next stage of their education as confident and sociable young people, proudly equipped with new skills and eager to use them.

Key Stage One (ages 5-7, Forms 1 & 2)

The curriculum is all-embracing, varied and develops as the children grow and learn. Alongside the core subjects of Literacy and Mathematics, strong emphasis is placed on creativity, personal, social and emotional development, physical activity, language and communication.

Learning activities take place indoors and outdoors and great importance is attached to physical activity through PE and music and movement, as well as child initiated play.

This is a critical time for personal development and the children are encouraged to think independently and to integrate with their peers, to share, show kindness and be polite. Working in small groups they learn to co-operate and listen to each other, which in turn gives them the confidence to express their own ideas and feelings.

Key Stage Two (ages 7-11, Forms 3-6)

This is an exciting time. Secure in the company of their friends and familiar with life at Maldon Court, the children make a seamless transition into this critical stage of their educational journey.

In a happy and purposeful atmosphere, class sizes remain small, close supervision is maintained and there is a relaxed yet mutually respectful relationship between the children and their teachers. Expectations and standards in the classroom are high. These are formative years, with pupils gradually taking increased responsibility for their work and conduct, as well as leadership roles.

The broad and balanced curriculum offers English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, French, Spanish, Art, Design & Technology, ICT, Music, PE and PSHEE. As the children settle and gain in confidence, subject based learning is gradually introduced. Beyond the classroom, sporting activities, after school clubs and regular outings and field trips open young eyes to new experiences and broaden their horizons.

At the end of their time with us, we are proud to see our boys and girls emerge as articulate, well-informed and interesting young people, comfortable in their abilities, buoyed by their achievements, ambitious and well equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.


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