Kingswood Day 4

Our final full day has been action packed and we have made full use of the glorious sunshine. There have been some sensational achievements today. Every child has pushed themselves to their limits.

There has been the ‘Leap of Faith’ for one group and ‘Aerial Balance Board’ for another. Both requiring the children to conquer their fears and display their new found climbing skills. ‘3G swing’ is an enormous swing requiring a remarkable amount of team work to hoist the riders to the top of the swing. We’ve also visited the infamous ‘Jacobs Ladder’. This is a very difficult piece of equipment requiring agility, teamwork and courage. Incredibly four of our children reached the top. This is the first time this month our instructor has seen this feat!

After all that hard work, it's time to relax at the Club Kingswood disco. Tomorrow we have some more abseiling, frisbee golf and aeroball to look forward to, before leaving after lunch. It’s been a fantastic week and the children are rightfully proud of all of their achievements.