Form 4 & 5 Trip to the Henry Moore Gardens

This week the Form 4 and 5 children went on a school trip to the Henry Moore Gardens. This helped to  encourage a love of the visual arts and to show the children that art needs to be seen and viewed in galleries and exhibitions to be truly appreciated. The sculpture gardens feature over 20 of Henry Moore's monumental bronzes, including returning favourites King and Queen 1952-53 and Three-Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae 1968-69. The children were given time to sketch and view these sculptures and were then taken on a tour of Henry Moore’s studios, which have been preserved as Moore would have used them at various points throughout his career. It was a fantastic day and the children behaved impeccably.  It was commented on by the staff at Henry Moore that they had never had such engaged, well-behaved children visit the garden—well done Forms 4 & 5.