Form 6 PGL Day 2

Form 6 woke up to sun streaming through their windows after a cosy, warm sleep.

Before they knew it they had been split into two activity groups and were ready for the days activities to begin.

The first activity for Group one was aeroball, which is a thrilling game combining trampolining and goal shooting.

Group two were whisked away and tightly secured into their harnesses ready to brave the zip line.

Both groups did an an amazing job and impressed the instructors with their manners and enthusiasm.

Form 6 continued their afternoon activities after a well-earned delicious lunch. These included climbing and a series of team building sports games. Climbing tested their perseverance when their instructors challenged them to climb blindfolded or to avoid certain coloured climbing grips. The games consisted of games like kabaddi, protect the president, rounders and monkey ball.

In the evening our group leader taught the children a new game called ambush. The children loved playing this in the dark. After an active day the children have settled to bed quickly, recharging for another busy day tomorrow.